Thursday, 7 September 2017


This week the stars group practiced lots of different strategies for solving an addition problem. Here is their working that they showed on their whiteboards! 

Our special visitor

This week we were very lucky to have Trinity's mum to come in and talk to us about her job and what she does. She works for a big shipping company that exports lots of things to other countries and she has lots of special documentation to fill out. She had some slides to show us and even a video, we learnt lots! Thanks for coming in to talk to us Mrs Tiong! 


This week in writing our purpose was to describe a kiwifruit. We all brought in some kiwifruit to look at and we even got to taste some! Here are some photos of us enjoying our kiwifruit...we will post our writing soon! 

Life Education Van

This week we went to the Life Education Van to talk about healthy eating and the food pyramid. we learnt about lots of things that are good for our body!

Our clay creations!